Christ translates as messiah which means anointed.  Anointed in luminous connection to God, the Christ changed everything forever.  Time and space became porous allowing mankind a new, direct connection to our Father, beyond the universe in heaven. 






In faith, hope and love, via kinetic prayer, we practice discernment and deliverance in the Christ Connection through the Holy Spirit to our Father, to defeat the adversary and his ravages of oppression, obsession, infestation and possession.  



In emulation of Eashoa we aim for an experiential connection with our Father through the Christ. As Eashoa did we do. We focus on Christology, the study of the Christ, rather than the study of conventional Christianity which has been heavily modified by political correctness, ethnocentrism, and cultural revisionism. 



Sunday - 9:00 am, Arizona Time
Sunday - 3:00 pm, Ohio Time
Eashoa didn’t say go to church.  He said go into your home to pray in Matthew 6:6.  So we pray from our homes

Call: 515-603-4922

Access Code: 911369




PayPal at ChristconnectionC@gmail.com


Christ Connection Chaplaincy

8987 E. Tanque Verde Rd.

309-245, Tucson, AZ 85749.


Coalition of Spirit Filled Churches- 


International Fellowship Of Chaplains-IFOC.org

Shinja Chaplain Corps-http://www.shinja.us/Shinja_Chaplain_Corp.php


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Eashoa Baptism, Near Death & Quantum Water 2/3/19 Jeff Prather
The Star, Magi & Epiphany 1/6/19 Jeff Prather
First Chaplain, Paul & Connection 4/11/18 Jeff Prather
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Connection Camp


 August 31-September 2, 2019

Friday- Finding the Mark- Native Archery/ Shabbat-Pesach

Saturday-Kinetic Connection-Becoming Prayer  Pipe/Creator’s Creation

Sunday: Trinity Family Sacred Living

 Arc of the Ark    


To attend call 520-241-7690.

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