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About us


In emulation of Eashoa, who referred to Himself as son of man, child of humanity, we aim for an experiential connection with our Father through the Christ. As Eashoa did we do. 

The majority of Eashoa’s prayers were not long winded speeches but silent communions.  We do the same. 


Eashoa fasted and prayed in the mountains and deserts. So do we.


Eashoa didn’t say go to church.  He said go into your home to pray in Matthew 6:6.  So we pray from our homes.


As Paul experienced Christ not face to face but via energy patterns we meet in our homes via energy internet patterns.

We focus on Christology, the study of the Christ, rather than the study of conventional Christianity which has been heavily modified by political correctness, ethnocentrism, and cultural revisionism. 

We undergo an extremely detailed study of the Synoptic Gospels, especially Mark since it is the oldest and focuses on action rather than word.

We also study many of the excluded texts which were once widely studied by early Christians.  We do this so that we can best spiritually fight, heal and teach just as Eashoa did and directed us to do in John 14:12.

As a result of our focus, our children can pray before they can talk. From our Father in Heaven, via the Christ connection, and through the Holy Spirit, we continually witness miracles of  discernment, deliverance, forgiveness and redemption.

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