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We are a chaplaincy not a church, specializing in spiritual combat via Christology.  Eashoa taught, fought and healed.  We emulate Him. We are not looking to replace your church, but if you stay we expect you to join the fight! 


We study the Gospels as translated from the original spoken Peshittic Aramaic.  We learn how the cutting edge science of quantum physics validates the Trinity.  We discover how state of the art archeology proves biblical stories as fact.   We go beyond doctrinal, religious belief and discover faith as an experience.  We enter the Christ Connection, practice Discernment and Deliverance and become the prayer. 


Join us for a life changing hour in the Christ Connection.


We are ordained ministers and administer the sacraments.  All are performed in the Christ Connection blessed by our Father in the Holy Spirit.


Our main focus is spiritual protection, rescue and healing via the Christ connection. Much of this work is performed individually through various members of our congregation not unlike the training found in the Didache. 





If we are always talking while praying it is impossible to ever listen and hear our Father in heaven. So we open service in silent prayer.


Prayer is more than talking. So we emphasize kinetic prayer.  Standing up equals extending the antenna to better receive.


This kinetic connection prayer is the core of our chaplaincy.  This is where we begin.


Training for us is a way of life.  Discernment and Deliverance Teams are trained via sermons, along with individual counseling, and is an informal process. Teams are then assigned as requested.


Warrior/Healer training takes years, is formal, demanding and by nomination after evaluation.   Long experience has shown that unless the applicant has obtained a sufficient level of grace and faith in the Holy Spirit through the Christ Connection they will be unable to withstand the increased levels of spiritual attack that they inevitably experience upon committing to a course of Christian spiritual warfare.


Chaplaincy training is even more rigorous, long term and by nomination.

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Training Events

Training Locations for 2024:

- Tucson, AZ

- Phoenix, AZ

- Dayton, OH

- Reno, NV

- Sparta, WI

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Vaccine Religious Exemption Form

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